Customer Support

In our effort to reach the global market with DGMS~ , San MediTech is guided by a principlc that wc call intelligent marketing. Today's information cconomy has brought about a technological revolution, but more importantly a commercial
revolution.  The new commercial paradigm centers on the needs of customers.Intelligent marketing means helping patients understand relevant information about diabetes and DGMS~ and, ultimately, helping them conquer the disease. By providing our customers with high-tech products and high-quality services, San MediTech offers them a better quality of life.

Professional training
San MediTech has developed a complete professional training system for our line of products. All of our customer service personnel and sales agents are thoroughly trained to respond to your needs.

Technical instructions
For hospitals that use our products, we provide live technical instructions, software updates, and solutions to any difficulties in the clinical use of DGMS screen display. We can also provide training classes to help your staff implement our continuous glucose monitoring products.

Comprehensive after-sale service
Our company has a dedicated system for product recall,maintenance. You can call our Customer Support Center for these and other after-sale questions. (400-672-5725). We also have live agents in Beijing, US, Japan, Europe to assist our customers with fast and effective after-sale service.

E-marketing support
Please visit our website, for an introduction to San MediTech's products and its research and development process. You can also download instructions for using our products, read patient testimonials, and post questions or comments to our DGMS message board.

Talk to our scientists from anywhere
San MediTech uses video communication to provide its global customers with free consultation on the use of our DGMS~ products, in English and Chinese. You can speak directly with our top scientists through the internet and get answers about San MediTech products.


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