Mr. Lai, 69 years old, is a retired cadre and has a diabetes history of 21 years.
Since 1985, symptoms of polydipsia polyuria, polyphagia, weight decline, thirst, coma, etc. happened to the patient. In 1986, his weight declined rapidly, so he went to a hospital, and he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The patient’s fasting blood sugar was up to 14.9 mmol/L, postprandial was 20.1 mmol/L, urine volume was 7000mL, urine glucose was ++++, and the weight decreased from 86kG to 51kG. He took orally Metformin Hydrochloride, Daonil and Chinese medicine decoction for many years, but his illness repeated time after time.
In a physical examination of 2004, he was found to have hypertension (BP 150/90mmHg), retinopathy and coronary atherosclerotic. He became blind because eye ground bleeding at the end of that year.
In 2005, he took intensified insulin treatment plan, using insulin accompanied with drugs such as Metformin Hydrochloride, Daonil and etc, the insulin dosage was 40~80 units. His blood sugar was 8.9~12.3mmol/L, urine glucose was ++~+++, his weight increased to 63 kG. The hypoglycemia happened frequently, so insulin was stopped.
In May 2006, physicians suggested him to take San Meditech’s DGMS monitoring to manage the glucose levels, and adjust the plans of medication, diet and exercise according to the overlay of glucose changes compared with activities during wearing. Two months later, the patient’s blood sugar turned to be stable, the fasting glucose was 4.8~5.2mmol/L, the postprandial glucose was 6.3~6.7mmol/L, glycated hemoglobin was 6.3~7.3%, and hypoglycemia did not happen again.
Now the patient took DGMS monitoring once every month to adjust treatment plan, only oral drugs are taken, as well as diet and exercises therapy. His blood sugar has been controlled to a stable range, hypoglycemia doesn’t happen again. He also has a better appetite and an increase in weight, and the life quality and his mood are better than ever before. The patient is full of confidence with the Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System.
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