Ms Hu, 28 years old, is a white collar in an international company.
The patient was type 1 diabetes, and treated with regular insulin hypodermic injection. Her blood sugar fluctuated a lot, and she had syndromes such as eye ground bleeding induced by diabetic retinopathy. She had twice pregnancy after getting married, but had both habitual abortions in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
In August, 2006, the patient got pregnant again, and went into obstetrics and gynecology department for treatment. In order to attain the aims of “glucose control” and “nutrition supply”, doctors from obstetrics and gynecology and endocrinology departments had a consultation and then suggested her to use San Meditech Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System. The patient took monitoring with DGMS once every two weeks, and adjusted plans of diet, exercises, and insulin treatment according to the monitoring results and under health professionals’ guide. As a result, her glucose was controlled in a target range for continuous 4 months, and is still stable now. Besides, the aim of nutrition supply has also been accomplished, the patient has enough nutrition. During the in-patient period, the color ultrasonic examination results showed that there wasn’t any abnormity in the growth of embryo.
After the patient left the hospital, she kept in touch with physicians, and took DGMS monitoring once every month, and no symptoms were found through the clinical track.


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