Lao Li was diagnosed as having diabetes in March this year. The improper ways of living and eating made him taste the “bitter”. He heard that “in-hospital” physical examination could provide not only 24 hours continuous glucose monitoring, but also nutrition teachers. So he intended to have a try.
Health professionals: Hongguang Sheng, the director of the department of endocrinology of Xuhui Central Hospital, told the reporter, “In clinical practice, 24 hours continuous glucose monitoring is usually used to diagnose brittle diabetes.” As the brittle diabetes is very unstable in the illness situation, and is sensitive to the adjustment of insulin injection dosage, it is difficult to master.
The professional said, at the end of 24 hours glucose monitoring, patients’ glucose changes were available through data analysis, and a curve of daily glucose changes was created. From the glucose curve, physicians could discover many problems which could not be found from conventional monitoring methods. Besides, professionals would arrange normal citizen  attending the in-hospital examination to test their diet and physical condition, and nutrition teachers would construct a professional nutrition table for them.
Applicable population: group with symptoms of polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, and becoming thin; fat group; group with family history of diabetes; group with skin pruritus, especially women with pruritus of genital; people with repeatable suppurative infection; young people with cataract or poor eyesight.
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