I am Juan Gu, 62 years old this year, a common people with type 2 diabetic mellitus. I had suffered a lot from diabetes for many years, which brought not only huge economic burden to my family, but also physical and spiritual pains and tortures to myself.
I was treated in Shanghai Tongji Hospital, and diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes mellitus accompanied with pathological changes of peripheral vessels and nerve, hypertension grade 3, and coronary heart disease. I was treated with insulin Novolin 30 R, which were 20 units in the mornings and 12 units at nights. I failed to feel the fun and happiness of life because of the everyday injections and many cautions for this or that. I was afflicted by the intangible demon of diabetes, and my life is restricted and painful.
In an occasional chance in March this year, I was lucky to use the Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System (DGMS) in Tongji Hospital, which was said to be a national innovation. First I was a little scared since it needed to be implanted in the body. But later the physician explained that it was inserted on the arm, and I found the insertion part of the sensor was no more than 0.2 millimeter, I was not so afraid. When the physician inserted the sensor, only a sound of “pa” was heard. He said it was ok, and I felt very curious that I didn’t feel any pains. The inserted sensor was connected to a little box, the physician said that it was the data recorder and used to monitor glucose levels. It could record a glucose average every 3 minutes, up to 480 glucose averages throughout 24 hours. During 3 days’ wearing, I only had to test finger blood glucose once per day, and the tiny device didn’t influence my daily life at all. At the end of  the third day, the physician removed the sensor for data analysis. Then, the physician brought me a report----a continuous and minute glucose graph, from which the influence of my daily activities on glucose changes can be viewed clearly (including diet, insulin, medication, exercises, etc). The physician said that my blood glucose management was better than before, which made me so excited. How advanced the technology is nowadays! From the graph provided by DGMS, the physician said that he could understand the fluctuation characteristics of my blood sugar, and he could make proper and timely adjustments in the dosage of insulin and drugs, and other treatments. Therefore, our patients’ blood sugar can be in a better control, and can even reach normal levels. The effective application of DGMS can prevent complications, and reinforce treatment when acute complications occur and develop. So that it can help us gain the best effect, and save medical expense as much as possible.
I appreciate DGMS heartedly, because it enabled me to understand my treatment situation timely, which released my spiritual burden. At the same time, I hope all the diabetic patients in the world will use DGMS as early as possible!
An in-patient in the department of endocrinology in Shanghai Tongji Hospital:
No.26 Juan Gu
March 10th, 2006
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