I’m a patient with type2 diabetes. In order to get a comprehensive knowledge of my glucose management, my physician suggested me to use the latest Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System (DGMS) to make continuous monitoring of the glucose. My physician explained patiently to me about the performance of the device: it could take a glucose reading every 3 minutes, up to 480 readings every 24 hours, during the 3 days’ wearing. Only one-time calibration of finger stick blood sugar was needed every day, and my daily life would not be influenced. So I accepted to wear the DGMS.
The nurse brought a small plastic package and a small gray box (about the size as a mobile phone battery) to me. The nurse told me that the small box was a data recorder, and in the plastic package there was a sensor. After rolling up the sleeves of my left arm and disinfecting (I was a little nervous at that moment), the nurse took out a gray and white sensor with two needles from the plastic package, which were very thin and less than half a centimeter long. The nurse inserted the two tiny needles into my arm skillfully, and I could hardly feel any pains at all. During the three days’ wearing period, one finger stick blood test was taken every day (it used to be 4 times a day). Wearing the sensor didn’t interfere my daily life, I didn’t feel any troubles to wear it. At the end of 3 days’ wearing, the nurse removed the sensor from my arm, and took a card from the data recorder, which was similar to the cell phone SIM card. And then inserted the card into a special U-disk (later I know it was a card reader, but not a U disk). After data analysis, the physician printed a report with graphs, in which there were specific glucose daily changes, and much important information such as, average glucose values, proportion of upper limits and lower limits, etc. Based on these graphs, the physician made an adjustment in my daily insulin dosage; and he found that I had hypoglycemia at nights, and then told me how to avoid it.
As introduced by the physicians, DGMS has great clinical significance. I recommend all the diabetic friends who worried about their blood sugar management to use DGMS, and wish all of the D friends an earlier recovery.
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