Senile diabetes refers to diabetes in old people. Those people older than 60 years old who have diabetes are senile diabetics, no matter when the disease occurs.
For most senile diabetics, the disease occurs before 60 years old, but there are still many old people are diagnosed with diabetes at an old age. Aging itself is a high risk factor for Type 2 diabetes.
Clinical characteristic
l         There are not obvious symptoms at the early stage of the disease, which easily results in misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis.
About a half of senile diabetes are discovered in physical examinations, and non-symptom diabetes is very dangerous. Therefore, glucose examination and 24 hours glucose monitoring is of great significance-----with San MediTech.
Diabetes always presents as ketoacidosis and hyperosmotic coma, and psychiatric disorder, which are often missed diagnosed and may even endanger the patients’ life. Nevertheless it requires more attention. San MediTech’s Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System such as Model TB can make timely diagnosis and help treatment.
There are many patients that are discovered in the departments of ophthalmology and stomatology.
         Multi-complications, fast development, and high mortality
Senile diabetics have complications of different extent when they are hospitalized, and the complications are the main reasons for death and disability.
San MediTech can help diagnosis and evaluation of the non-symptom diabetes.
       Poor management of the blood sugar should be resolved with the help of San MediTech.
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