Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most serious complications, and also one of the most causes for diabetes death. It is a serious kidney disease that may result in thickened glomerulus basement membrane, glomerulus arteriosclerosis, glomerulus diffuse sclerosing. It may also damage kidney substantially, and finally cause renal failure and uraemia, due to many factors together with sustainable high blood sugars that harm glomerulus.
About 30~40% diabetic patients have diabetic nephropathy, which may last for 25~30 years from diabetic nephropathy to renal failure. Diabetic nephropathy is the main reason for the diabetes death especially among juvenile diabetic patients.
Almost 100% of those diabetics who have diabetes for more than 20 years have kidney damages.
Harm of diabetic nephropathy
l         Retinopathy, neuropathy
l         Heart disease, dysfunction of coagulation
l         Hypertension and related harms
l         Manage blood sugar levels to prevent diabetic nephropathy
l         Earlier diagnosis, earlier treatment, frequent further consultation
l         Monitor and treat momentarily, eliminate the aggravation reasons
l         Take treatment aims at symptoms and pathogeny
l         Restrict the intake of proteins
l         Hemodialysis (according to doctor’s advice)
l         Kidney transplantation if permitted
The disease is hard to cure and manage, and the mortality of which is high.
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