San MediTechTM is a partnership between China and the United States. Based in the city of Huzhou on the eastern coast of China, and in Orange County, California, we pursue the research, development, and marketing of glucose control products. We own several world leading patent technologies, including our core technology, the glucose biosensor. San MediTech's Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System (DGMS~ ) real-time display products and Glucose Networking central monitoring products have entered clinical trials, and has already been released in China. With its team of cutting edge scientists and its advanced patent technologies, San MediTech's goal is developing a real-time continuous glucose monitoring integrated with an insulin pump (a closed loop).

Throughout the 20th century, scientists dreamed of mastering the body's metabolism of glucose in order to control the disease of the century, diabetes. An important step forward occurred when British scientist Clark developed the concept of the enzyme electrode. But after more than 40 years of struggle, and numerous setbacks, an even higher standard has emerged in the treatment of diabetes.  The technology for the 21't century is dynamic glucose monitoring. Only a handful of companies in the world have successfully developed this technology.The San MediTech team, with its unsurpassed research strength and its sustainable development capacity for embedded
continuous glucose monitoring systems, is the industry leader for a new century of improved diabetes treatment.

Located in the science and technology park at Huzhou, a lakeside city with thriving industry and wonderful people, San MediTech China pursues the research and development of dynamic glucose monitoring technologies through productive high-tech collaboration with our American affiliate. Our global operation includes outstanding talent educated in China and abroad – top scientists, international professional managers, experts in global investment and financial analysis, and international lawyers. But all of the work we do at San MediTech begins with our core values – a people-first focus, scientific and technological leadership, dedication, innovation, sustainable development, and above all a commitment to quality.

Our company’s Technology Research and Development Center is home to an electronic laboratory, mechanical laboratory, biochemistry and biosensor laboratory, precise galvanization laboratory, sensor cleaning room, and mechanical workshop.  Intended for the research and design of new products, it seeks to integrate the development of electronic, chemical, biological, and mechanical technologies.


San MediTech owns complete intellectual property rights for its DGMS® series of medical products. The company currently has been granted two patents in the Chinese Intellectual Property Office, including design and utility patents, as well as pending inventions patent , American and international design and utility patents. We also hold electronic circuit design copyrights, software design copyrights, and product registration certificates. The registration of several domestic and international trademarks is pending. San MediTech has participated in and supported several national and regional scientific research projects, including a Chinese epidemiological study of gestational diabetes mellitus, the research and development of a new kind of portable program-controlled insulin pump for diabetes patients.

Health benefits of DGMS® technology

The advent of DGMS® allows patients to continuously track their fluctuating glucose levels.  The same display device also registers an accurate average glucose level, which makes it possible to monitor nocturnal hypoglycemia reaction and the dawn phenomenon, and facilitates more precise delivery of insulin or other drugs.  None of this is possible with traditional single-point glucose testing.

DGMS® is also beneficial to obstetricians and pediatricians, who can use it to test carbohydrate metabolism during pregnancy and to conduct early stage screening of juvenile diabetes, which aids the diagnosis of early stage diabetes in both pregnant women and children. Along these same lines, DGMS® can measure the influence of carbohydrate metabolism change during pregnancy on the fetus, particularly the brain and the sympathetic nervous system, which helps prevent gestational diabetes mellitus and thus reduce the incidence of birth defects, macrobaby, and infant mortality.  Studies have shown that diseases like hypertension and type II diabetes may directly correlate to changes in prenatal carbohydrate metabolism, grouping these effects under the label of ‘embryonic’ disease.

Today's medical experts believe that the most promising method for treating diabetes in the future will be an artificial pancreas system that combines a high-quality real-time continuous glucose monitoring system integrating with an insulin pump. This treatment could potentially reduce the incidence of mortality and severe complications among diabetes patients by more than 70%.

Customer support

In our effort to reach the global market with DGMS®, San MediTech is guided by a principle that we call intelligent marketing. Today’s information economy has brought about a technological revolution, but more importantly a commercial revolution.  The new commercial paradigm centers on the needs of customers. Intelligent marketing means helping patients understand relevant information about diabetes and DGMS® and, ultimately, helping them conquer the disease. By providing our customers with high-tech products and high-quality services, San MediTech offers them a better quality of life.

Professional training

San MediTech has developed a complete professional training system for our line of products.  All of our customer service personnel and sales agents are thoroughly trained to respond to your needs.

Technical instructions

For hospitals that use our products, we provide live technical instructions, software updates, and solutions to any difficulties in the clinical use of DGMS® screen display. We can also provide training classes to help your staff implement our continuous glucose monitoring products.

Comprehensive after-sale service

Our company has a dedicated system for product recall, maintenance, and exchange. You can call our Customer Support Center for these and other after-sale questions. (0572-2616688/2618866). We also have live agents in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun, and Sinkiang to assist our customers with fast and effective after-sale service.

E-marketing support

Please visit our website,, or  for an introduction to San MediTech’s products and its research and development process. You can also download instructions for using our products, read patient testimonials, and post questions or comments to our DGMS® message board. Our sales agents are currently developing regionally-focused web pages for many of our products.

Talk to our scientists from anywhere

San MediTech uses video communication to provide its global customers with free consultation on the use of our DGMS® products, in English and Chinese. You can speak directly with our top scientists through the internet and get answers about San MediTech products.

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