San MediTechTM is a partnership between China and the United States. Based in the city of Huzhou on the eastern coast of China, and in Orange County, California, we pursue the research, development, and marketing of glucose control products. We own several world leading patent technologies, including our core technology, the glucose biosensor. San MediTech's Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System (DGMS~ ) real-time display products and Glucose Networking central monitoring products have entered clinical trials, and has already been released in China. With its team of cutting edge scientists and its advanced patent technologies, San MediTech's goal is developing a real-time continuous glucose monitoring integrated with an insulin pump (a closed loop).

Throughout the 20th century, scientists dreamed of mastering the body's metabolism of glucose in order to control the disease of the century, diabetes. An important step forward occurred when British scientist Clark developed the concept of the enzyme electrode. But after more than 40 years of struggle, and numerous setbacks, an even higher standard has emerged in the treatment of diabetes.  The technology for the 21't century is dynamic glucose monitoring. Only a handful of companies in the world have successfully developed this technology.The San MediTech team, with its unsurpassed research strength and its sustainable development capacity for embedded
continuous glucose monitoring systems, is the industry leader for a new century of improved diabetes treatment.


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